Madden for Congress Madden for Congress

I’m a computer scientist. For more than twenty years I’ve been part of the research community working on integrated circuit design. The impact of this work is easy to see. Electronics, from your laptop, to your TV, to your cell phone, have all gotten better. The recipe for changing the world, for having a positive impact, is simple; stick to the facts, tell the truth, think carefully, and find solutions. These ideas are the heart of the scientific method, the foundation of great engineering.

The political world doesn’t operate in the same way. No one has trust in anything, and for good reason. Many politicians lie as easily as they breathe. Elections feel like picking the lesser of two evils. It should be no surprise that our government is broken, that it only works for people who have the inside track. Every year, things get worse.

I’m not a traditional candidate. In ordinary times, I’d be happy to spend my days on my research and my teaching. But these are not ordinary times. We all know that career politicians won’t fix the mess. I’m running for Congress as a Democrat because it will take action from political outsiders to get things back on track. A brighter future is within our reach; let’s reach for it together.